Monday, April 21, 2008

photography anyone?

This weekend, was intense, to say the least. Friday morning I was woken up by my roommate screaming at me and Gonzo to get up "a tree fell on Dave's car!"
We went to see what the commotion was all about. Opening the door we saw a tree. That's pretty much all we could see from the doorway.
Once I actually put shoes on, I ventured to the road to find David's brand new Jetta sporting an awfully large hood ornament. He doesn't really like for me to refer to it as that, seeing as how now the situation isn't all that funny anymore.

Believe me, Friday morning, when we were both tired and our eyes were barely open- laughing was all we could do. We were even getting the people who were driving by and gaulkin at us to make frowny faces- as we would pout to see if they would give us any sympathy.
So while the whole mess, looks really bad (which in all actuality, it is)- we were making the most of it.
The tree seemed to be resting on the car more than anything. So we were like "Ok, it won't be all that bad, it's mostly the branches at the top of the car. No big deal, maybe some scratches and what-not- nothing major"

Yeah, that's not really what we found.
I can't even begin to tell you how
much these pictures don't show. While the car was driveable according to the tow-truck driver, it wasn't drivable for far distances.

Oh yeah, and David's birthday was Saturday. "Happy Birthday" says the tree "I'm taking out your mode of transportation"
So to all of you who emailed between Thursday night and Sunday afternoon- I appologize for not responding to your requests sooner. There was a tree crisis going on in the front yard that had to be dealt with...and quickly.
Fear not tree lovers- the trunk of the tree, and some of the branches will be crafted into some fine vases, bowls, and pens...perhaps some other crafty stuff- courtesy of my dad and the Hunt County Wood turners, who came to pick up the pieces of tree on Sunday.

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