Monday, April 14, 2008

Completed yet not completed

Ok, so the back 1/2 of the dog you saw earlier, is now a full dog. All the fur detail is done, but as you can see, the nose is darker than everything else.
Soooo....I'm going back and darkening up the rest of the body and parts of the eyes- just to make the whole thing pop.
Once it's finished I may post it up again...or you can go to my website's gallery to see it:
Anyway, I expect that later today I may have some pictures of the sock creatures I've done. I hadn't realized I have neither posted pictures, or taken any pictures of them. I'm an idiot! Due to a request from a friend to see pictures, I have to go take pictures to show her, so I better post them here. I may or may not start selling them on my website. There is a garage sale my boyfriends family is going to be having in 2 weeks that I might attempt to sell them at. I don't know though. I'll need feedback on them to see if anyone would be interested.

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