Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Greatest Person EVER!

I just want to take the time, in this post- to Personally thank Tania. She is one of the greatest friends I know. She took it upon herself to figure out what was wrong with my website, and find out how to fix it, for me...Way to be pro-active!

She's fantastic! (I know I thanked you already in person...but a blog just sums it up more)

Seriously girl, that was really badass of you! Now I can view it at work, you can view it at work, heck, even my mom can view it at work! I'm so thrilled! You have no idea!!! I think if it hadn't been for you doing all of the leg work, my site would be doomed to only being viewable at peoples homes. It's great.

Now I can find things wrong with it at work, and go home and fix it :) (much like the watermarking issues that you pointed out).

THANK YOU TANIA! You are the greatest friend on the planet! You ROCK!

Oh yeah- The site...because I haven't mentioned it enough... www.ashadebetterthanstickfigures.com BooYah!

happy dance, happy dance!!!

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