Wednesday, May 07, 2008


By using the worlds smallest pencil, I drew a giraffe a few minutes ago.
I can't say that it's my best work, but it makes me grin.

Although I keep noticing that all "creatures" I've been drawing lately are facing to the right, have giant feet and the same freakin' nose. I think I'm ok with that. To be quite honest.
Although what I'm not alright with, is the habit I haven't broke myself of yet. Drawing with a tiny tiny pencil. What can I say, the thought of using a pencil until it won't fit between 2 fingers anymore, pleases me. Although my art teacher in high school told the entire class that once a pencil is smaller than the width of your palm, you need to throw it away and get a new one.
sorry Mr. D...but the pencil is still bigger than my palm...until I sharpen it again. (Yes I know that particular part of my palm is smaller than the actual palm itself...semantics people!) I actually have another pencil that I use that's bigger, but this one is my favorite.


TaniaMC said...

Amber, I love the giraffe! I want to see more animals :)

-amber- said...

I drew an elephant right after that giraffe, but it's so rediculous looking I labled it an "efulunt"...I'm too ashamed of it to put any pictures up...purhaps I'll try again.