Thursday, April 03, 2008

Props to my Pops

Last weekend I went to visit my parents. I've got to give it to them, my crafty side comes from a combination of the two of them. My mom used to draw when she was younger, she can knit, crochet, and sew...currently she's a member of some quilting circle, and keeps showing me neat tricks for sewing (I'll post up some of that stuff later). But my, he's crazy! He carves wood. He's a member of the Hunt County Wood Turners, every weekend it seems, he's out carving pens somewhere for something. He makes a lot of really sweet looking stuff (not just pens, but bowls, potpouri holders, candle holders, bottle stoppers, etc. etc. If you can think of it, I'm sure he would attempt it. He's even made beer tap handles for my boyfriends work). So whenever he shows me a new creation, it's really no big surprise that he could come up with it, he's just that talented.
But last weekend...he shocked me. He once built me a 2D Animation Table (like that but no legs...and no black around the circle) while I was going to The Art Institute. This really shouldn't have shocked me I guess, but it did.
I saw THIS laying in the floor, next to all of my moms craft stuff, and I was like "did your scanner break?"
"Nope, look in it" they replied.
I opened the lid. In it was THIS. I just stared at it. GENIOUS!
Basically, my dad took all the guts out of the scanner and placing a light inside, because yes, the scanner did crap out when they moved to Texas. So with there really not being any electronic use for the thing, why not make it into a light box?
I've seen posts on various forums talking about taking the glass from a scanner out to make a light box...but this is an all in one. Only junk the bad part...not the whole thing. Plus, with the closing lid, you can keep the glass clean in between uses. OMG! Genious I tell you!!!

So if any of you out there, need a quick way to make an animation table get you one of these- glue it to the glass, or even part of the scanner under the lid, replace the inside of the scanner with a light- and you're good to go! I think it may work a little better as a light box...not an animation table, but hey! You work with what you can afford, right?

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