Friday, April 11, 2008

The Eyes are on you...but not in a creepy way

Yesterday, while working (because that and drawing are all that I really do)- I drew an eye in my sketchbook.

If you know me, or have worked with me- you know that I tend to draw just one, single eye, on a sticky note and hang it in my cubicle- whereever that may be. I know, a little weird, but it's what I do. I don't even understand why I do it, so really- don't ask me "why?". But here, as the receptionist, my desk is slightly weird (meaning no real place to hang a post-it to where it's only facing me and not everyone who walks in), plus everyday someone different relieves me for lunch (think of all the "why?" questions)- so I DON'T have that one eye on a sticky note just hanging (meaning I'm at work typing this...ssssshhhh, don't tell my boss. Who am I kidding, my boss just walked by and saw me on here...I love this place!)

But yeah, that one eye, turned into a crap-ton of eyes- to which I added even more to today...and then began to shade them in, with my trusty 2b pencil. It's no where close to finished, and as you can tell...from 8am until 1:24pm if all I've accomplished is 14 completed eyes, then I am actually doing some work at some point in time...
I'll post it again once it's finished.

On another drawing note, I received in some pictures for a commissioned drawing last night. It's a dog! I'm excited. This weekend will be full of fur drawing madness! (well after furniture shopping with my mom on saturday...then it will be all the fur my hand can whip out!)

I'm eagerly awaiting some other photos for another drawing of a Grandma in Heaven with her 2 granddaughters. The story is really touching and sad, and really reminds me of my grandma who passed away in the fall of 2006. Similar circumstances as to timing of when someone died and when someone was born.
Anyway, I did have a digital picture of the outline of the dog...what I've drawn on it so far, but it's so light you can't see it on here. I'll have to wait until more fur is in place to post on it.
Oye! So glad it's Friday!!!


Sharada said...

oo cool pics. I love drawing eyes on post its! heheh not as good as yours though

TaniaMC said...

I'm guilty of drawing single eyes everywhere as well.
I'll second sharada that mine are not as good as yours either.