Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Because I like to Taunt you...

hahahahaha. Oh yes. I have no pictures today. Just a note about what I am currently working on, to purhaps spark an interest in anyone who is reading.
That back-flipping mermaid from 3 posts ago, is now appearing in photoshop. She's getting some color added to her grey graphic outline. No promise as to when you can expect to see that up here, but I am working on it.
A few nights ago I began an acrylic painting of some Koi fish. Much like the 3 pictured 3 posts ago. So far, only the background color has been painted. But rest assured, it's sitting on my drawing table, starring me in the face every day- so I'm not going to forget to go back to it.
I'm also awaiting the arrival of some photos for a commissioned piece- of a dog. That one won't take as long as these other ones- because we all know money talks.
That sounded bad.
I do love to do art work. However, when it's for my own enjoyment (back-flipping mermaid, and painted-Koi), I tend to take awhile, because...well...I don't like finishing my stuff. I like to always feel like something needs to be done. Whereas, the commissioned pieces- people want their stuff, and I've got deadlines I've promised. So those go out, lickedy-split.
I do need to scan some of the images in from my sketchbook, so you can see, that I have been drawing every weekday since the last week of March.

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