Monday, April 28, 2008

Completed drawing # 8 million 52

Ok, I really don't know what the exact number of this drawing is. I just really didn't want to say "completed drawing" again for a title.

It's called "Lexi and Snickers". I'm guessing the baby is Lexi and the dog is Snickers. Although I could have that completely backwards. Some people like snickers (the candy bar) enough to name their kids after it- I'm not the judge here(mainly because I'm one of those people who might actually name their first born after a candy-bar...if the mood struck me).

This one is a unique drawing. It's got a poem on it (yeah yeah, you aren't getting the close up of the poem). This is only the second one that I have done with writting on it. The first was a wedding present for a friend that had a poem on it. I don't advertise that I do this style. But this woman, just so happened to be a friend of that friend who got the wedding present- so she knew.

I don't even think I posted a picture of the other drawing. Shame on me, right? Oh well.

This was a fun drawing to work on. Cute Kid, Cute Dog. Sweet Poem. It was fun.

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