Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I told you I knitted

First- Thank you Sawa for posting a comment! Thanks for the kind words about my drawings. And thank you so much for commenting! You don't know how good it is to actually know that someone is reading my blog (you know, aside from family and friends)!!! YEAH!!! I'm not just typing to myself!!! (big happy face and dance of joy now!!!)

I know, I know! Why is there a pile of leaves sitting on my living room couch? Actually, it's not leaves...well I'm sure in yarn world they could be considered that, but actually that's the scarf I've been working on for close to 3 years. HA!
Was it complicated? you ask...NO! That's what's so rediculous!
I actually started this way way way back in the grand old year of 2006, right before I got laid off for my dream job. Then I was unemployed for 6 months- which- HELLO! Is plenty of time to finish a simple knit every row kind of a scarf, but apparently watching TV and wishing my life would end (and totally not looking for a new job) was way more important than a silly old scarf.
I do not have the exact measurments of this with me, unfortunately (although I know, at it's widest, it's 10" and I think somewhere in the ball park of 56" long...I could be completely lying to you, but I won't know until I go home and find the tape measure). But it is for sale! That's the great news! It'll be going up on my other website for sale early in August for about $20.00. But I'm posting it here, now for $15.00. If you are interested in purchasing "the easiest scarf that took 3 years to make and looks like fall leaves all over the place" then hit me up. And if that link didn't just work, because I'm a slight moron with the hyperlink stuff then just send an email to: First come, first serve, if you want it and you get an email in response that says "too slow" I appologize, maybe we can discuss a different knitted project for future dates that won't take 3 years to make...maybe.

Now that we have the 3 year project out of the way, I thought it was high time that I show off the "poncho" that I made for my boyfriend. It has only taken me 2 years to complete on a freakin' knifty knitter. That's how slow I am. (not really)

I'm actually pretty sure that my current boyfriend (you know, the one who had the tree fall on his car back in April...on his birthday) only started dating me, to insure that he would one day receive a "poncho" that I promised him. I started on this right during the key layoff period. This guy who had been following me around like a lost puppy dog who would treat me to lunches, and bring Pepsi's and donut holes to my desk every morning (when we worked, and I was completely oblivious to the fact that he might actually like me (when I, in fact, knew that I liked him)...anyway, I figured it was a fair trade for a pepsi- Maybe I need some back story here. He, being hispanic- and not at all politically correct, thought that it would be hilarious to get the "knitting white girl" at work to knit him a "poncho". The joke is on him. 2 YEARS! He's had to date me for 2 YEARS to get the stupid thing. And it's not even a PONCHO!!!! Short of me going insane last night to finish the stupid thing, he looked at me with those great puppy dog eyes and said "you can just leave it like that and I can wrap it around myself"- where upon I asked "wait, so I don't have to connect it? Are you just saying that so I will stop complaining about the 2 year old poncho that's not done?" and he said "yes". So there it is. The wrap/almost poncho- which I totally screwed up at the very end. (binding off using a knifty knitter is hard...unless you actually read which case, it might be easy...I don't know.)

There. It's done.

No one ask me to make them a poncho. I don't make ponchos.

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