Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm impatient, but I finished

I don't have my camera with me today, so I don't have any shadowy pictures to show of the drawing I JUST FINISHED!
Amy! The drawing of your baby is done! DONE! I'm so excited for you to see it! I wish I had a portable scanner...or my camera!
It's a really cute picture, I promise (for those of you not familiar with the actual photo I'm drawing from, it's a baby girl, with an adorable smile holding a'll see it). The plan is to go home, start the laundry (as is what I do every Thursday night), and commence with the scanning and adding copyright, etc. etc. (one of those "etc." means post it to my blog...)

If anyone is curious to know why i don't have my camera (which I know EVERYONE of you is interested in the "why"), it's because I have a severe sunburn. Sunburn caused by me being a complete moron and going to the Parker County Peach Festival last weekend and thinking it would be great to forget the sunblock. Or a shirt for that matter. Spaghetti strap tank top- not a good idea. So now my shoulders are actually doing something I've never seen before- I look like I have scales, hard nasty, discolored scales. Anyway, they're painful- so I can't wear my back-pack to work, I have my purse- which can only hold a book, wallet, and all of the pencils I own so I can draw. No room for my camera :( I'm fair warning you about this because I may or may not take pictures of the grossness and post it later. Why not, I shared my horrible dental experience with you already, what's a little shoulder scaling? FYI, next Dental appointment on August 4th, I'm not however getting all remaining dental work done, because I'm a weenie, and I'm also going ahead with a periodontal treatment, because I'm a weenie. The dentist scares me, ok?

FYI for anyone reading this and thinking "hum, it's July, I wonder what Amber is going to get me for Christmas..." here's a hint...It's hand made, and either knitted, or drawn- I hope that's ok. I'll have to restrain myself from posting those pictures. I might draw what the knitted projects look like, and knit what the drawn pictures look throw you off the trail.

I will post pictures of the drawing that was mentioned way back up there at the top either later tonight or tomorrow!

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