Monday, June 30, 2008

a new project

A few weeks ago I was reading some article about custom "my little ponies" being sold at auction for charity. I freaked out. #1- I've seen some custom "my little ponies" before- and it's quite disturbing. Mainly because they are taking existing ponies and painting over the top of them- which I think is sacrilegious. and #2- they were actually using blank my little ponies. That's right- All white, never been dyed, touched, or painted on- ponies. Thus leaving me to realize my initial freak-out was completely unnecessary.
That lead me to search the internet for said "blank my little ponies". I found them. At the Hasbro toy shop (here). Being the wanna-be customizer that I am, I had to buy one...ok to be honest I bought 5. But here is my first-unfinished- attempt at customizing a blank "my little pony."
I had many many unicorn "my little ponies" growing up, but they always seemed so...not-like-what-I-would-imagine-a-unicorn-to-look-like, that I wanted to make my own.
I used air-bake clay...which i don't recommend for this. #1- the clay didn't stick to the pony, thus making me have to go buy some Mod-Podge to use as a glue and sealant. And #2- it was pretty messy- for the hands- not too bad on the pony itself- but clean up was kind of a pain.
The only reason I didn't use sculpy and bake it in the oven was because I wasn't sure if the hair would melt in the oven. I figured air-dry clay would be a good first attempt. Anyway, I have to paint it still. Granted it's just going to be white, with maybe grey hooves- but it will be a little different. I may post pictures once that is complete- but as of right now, I'm not sure when that will be.
Like I said before, I did buy 5 of these to work on, so over the next few months, I may have some more to show. If you like it let me know. If you have an idea for one, and would be willing to pay a few $$ for it, let me know- I might be willing to do a custom for you.
Doing this one made me want to get back to doing custom toys- I still have 3 blank munny figures to do something with, and a trooper teddy, as well as some little creatures that I can't think of the name right off the top of my head...but I know there's a monkey and a pig. Seriously, if I get any of those "created" into anything other than blank-ness, I'll post up pictures.

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