Saturday, July 05, 2008

100th post!!!

Yeah, I know I just posted. But I forgot about a drawing I had done last weekend, that was about to get forgotten about- for good.
I have this book that I got sometime between the time I graduated from High School and when I graduated from College, called "Anatomy For The Artist" by Sarah Simblet, Photograhy John Davis. HA! Ok, the director on The Ant Bully- A little known movie that I may or may not have my name at the end credits as the "Assistant Office Manager", was named John Davis- and I just now saw the name on this book, so that makes me laugh...
Anyway, getting back to my point here, I often draw from this book. I can't afford to take figure drawing classes right now, and I work during the day, so I can't really audit the life drawing classes at my former college. But this book has some really great poses, great lighting, etc. Recently I've been looking for some more figure drawing books to use, because...well...I've had this one for several years- so I've either drawn or painted almost every figure in this book.
But last weekend, I was in a figure drawing mood, so I drew this:
I know the face is pretty jacked up- but when you are drawing on black paper, with a white pencil, making adjustments is kind of difficult, so the face is bad. Hopefully the rest of it doesn't look to horrible. But I just wanted to post it up- because I have actually been doing stuff, just haven't had a whole lot of time to scan and update the blog. Let me know what you think. Or if you know of any Life Drawing classes in the DFW area that happen after 5pm, and don't cost hundreds of dollars to get in to...because I really miss taking those classes. It's great practice, for any artist.

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