Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Update of nothingness

I don't have anything to update, really. I'm working on a drawing of a house- which I haven't done any buildings before, so it's proving to be really tricky. I'm also working on a sketchbook pro drawing as a joke for a friend, but I'm not really putting a whole lot of effort into it, because I'm sure the moment he sees it he'll throw it away, or delete it or destroy it somehow.

The art business has been slow lately...so I'm taking it all in, and perhaps starting something a little different with my creative side.

Oh yeah- I'm out for a 4 day weekend starting on Friday, so don't expect any more updates this week.

But I'm updating today because I haven't updated in a week. There you go- I'm slacking off, that's my update :)

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