Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm back!

I'm back from one of the most rockin' vacations I've had in a long time! However I have no way to share any pictures with you, as I forgot my camera and cord for my camera at home. Epic Fail!

Anyway. I don't have any art to show you...well I do, but it's all in my sketchbook, or on my camera, or I haven't scanned it yet. I haven't finished the house I mentioned before. It's all sorts of technical, and involves a ruler and getting things "exact" and well...difficult. I don't like drawing houses. But I will finish this one soon...and when I'll get to see the finished product.

While on vacation, Gonzo and I attended Lonestar Roundup in Austin Texas. Holy crap, do I love that city! I love the culture, and attitude down there. I love the art and the crazyness. The people are friendly and great (minus the drunk guy throwing punches at the air). And even the traffic is tolerable because of all of the scenery. Hill country, it's the best!
But back to Lonestar Roundup. Creativity was flowing while we were there. I got to be all dolled up like a pin-up girl, wearing the curls in my hair and sporting some fake eyelashes. With all of the other creative people there it just set my mind a-buzz. I've got so many ideas going thru my head I'll probably never get to them all, but I did take my sketchbook and sketched out a few things to work on at a later date. Even threw down a few tattoo designs (no worries mom, none for me).
It's really a drag to be back from vacation, and back to the normal daily routine...but then again, I'm so much closer to my art supplies I can start getting to work on some greatness.

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