Friday, April 03, 2009

excuses for not posting anything of interest.

I already know what they say about excuses...and I don't need the reminder. But I do feel bad for not having posted anything artistic this week. Truthfully, I've been doodeling everyday...just nothing that I think anyone else would want to see. I did start a drawing earlier this week of my friends baby dressed up in 1920's fashion (trust me, it's cute)- but because of the website meltdown yesterday I was concentrating on that and not on the drawing (what's that? The website was back up and running by 2:30pm??? Yeah, well- I left the drawing at home when I went to get my laptop...)
Also, I bought a little something for myself this week. Sketchbook Pro. It's my new obsession. Digital art. I'm determined to make it work for me. And so far I love love love the new program. So I may have left the drawing at home yesterday so I could play with my new obsession in the afternoon.
But I promise. I'll have something to show you all next week. Hopefully you all have great weekends.
Take care!

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