Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fools Day

I only did 5 drawings in March...I could have done 6, as I've got one burning a hole in my bag right now...but I wasn't in the mood yesterday or Monday.
So starting April off on the right foot...I've got 2 drawings that I know about, that I have to do! I still have the giant drawing that I haven't touched in 2 months, and I'm working on a surprise creation that has to be done by Saturday- otherwise it becomes and belated bday present, and that just won't do, seeing as how I've been working on it since November...and by that I mean "started it in November, and it's been collecting dust since December". My fault entirely if I don't finish it by Saturday. (When did March decide to step on the gas??? It's April already?)

I think I'm going to dabble my hand at drawing some landscape-ish type stuff in the coming months. I took a lot of pictures when Gonzo and I went to San Antonio this past weekend, and all seem to be scenery (with the exception of some really big fish, and a couple of long horns). I haven't done too many landscape pictures, so I figure it will give me some good practice.

Anyway. Hope everyone has a great first day of April, and I hope that you all don't get pranked too much today.

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