Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not pleased

I am at work today, trudging thru whatever issues I'm having from my mexican food adventure (it's a chain restaurant...fairly fancy, so the fact that I'm ill irritates me).
But that's not why I'm not pleased.
I looked at the drawing that I posted yesterday (via the blog), and well...there's something off with the mom's face. I'm pretty sure it's the chin. This is why I shouldn't draw with a wounded finger.
I'll attempt to re-work the drawing next week. I've got 3 other drawings to work on today (ha! Let's see if I can get 3 drawings done in one day, shall we? I don't have a book to read, so I'll have time to draw to my hearts content...but my finger is still- what's the word I need here???- injured, maybe it's not the best time to try to accomplish this, but I'm going for it anyway.

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