Friday, December 19, 2008

"Sculptures" Finally able to post pictures!!!!

They're done! Delivered! And Approved by all parties!!!
I'm so excited!
These aren't really "true" "sculptures". I started off with 2 white mini munnys, and transformed them with Sculpey clay, and some acrylic paint...the nice glossy-ness that is on them is courtesy of Gonzo, I was scared I would screw it up with the clear coat, so I made him do it.
These were actually done for a 10 year anniversary gift for a very good friend of mine, to give to her boyfriend, in a traditional chinese wedding outfit theme. If that makes sense. I've been working on them since November, so I'm not sure anything I say makes sense anymore.
I was planning on showing all of the prep pictures, and the process pictures, but quite frankly no one really cares about the process these you get the finished product pictures!
Happy Holidays everyone...and for those of you who aren't offended- Merry Christmas!!!! (I might post next week before Christmas, so you may get that message again...I'm just saying)

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