Monday, December 01, 2008

Oye! Mittens!

I knitted a last minute present for someone. It's not so much last minute, as it was I found out this weekend that I needed to knit them. Good thing mittens are easy :P

So yeah. I ate myself stupid this weekend. Between hanging out with friends and going out to eat, or eating a "left over Thanksgiving" at a friends house, or eating a ton of cake and ice cream with strawberries as an early celebration to my b-day (which is Thursday...if you care-I'm not sure I do- I'm celebrating all week)- I'm officially stupid.

man, looking at this picture I totally realize the value of blocking. I'll do that before "finishing up" the mittens. Yikes!

As for the weekend (between all of the eating)- I worked on the sculptures- which are almost done. ALMOST DONE!!! I also completed the commissioned drawing that was requested last week (pictures will be displayed soon- I forgot my flash drive at home). And I started but didn't finish a marathon of Planet of the Apes. Gonzo has never seen the movies before. I love that he stayed up until 2am watching them :) I heart Planet of the Apes...and Gonzo.

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