Thursday, December 11, 2008

Guilty as charged

I am drawing (although I'm completely avoiding my dad's reason, I'm just a big procrastinator...I like waiting until the last minute)- however that's not why I'm typing. I'm blogging today to let everyone know, that I'm forever, rediculously, still a teenager. I went to see the movie "Twilight" several weeks ago. And there was something about it...some...thing...that was so wonderful, that Gonzo took me to see it again on my birthday. I was expecting to hate it the second time around...oh no. I still left, a big ball of cheesy goo. Why am I forever trapped as a 13 year old girl?
That's not even the worst of it. I've become obsessed. I downloaded the soundtrack...AND...the score to my iPod. I KNOW! ("pathetic"-that's the word I'm thinking you can insert here). And then (oh no, it's not over yet)...I purchased the books (yes bookS- plural). I won't go into the complete and total humiliation I went thru to try to find these books- but I will tell you, I've had them since Monday night- I just finished book 2, and will start book 3 today (If I had listened to my gut...oh I don't know...1 year ago- I would have picked up the first book while at the bookstore and never been the wiser).
I think I have a problem. And I'm really scared to start book 3, because I was so torn up reading book 2 that by the time I finished it, I was clapping...out work. I don't think I've ever been drawn into a book so rediculously...ever.
Thank you Stephanie Meyer for writing such great books, that while they are in the young adult section, 27 year olds can still read them and love them just as much as they would when in high school (plus my mom is totally hooked now too! HA!).
That's all. I should have a picture of the drawing I'm working on by this weekend- posted.

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