Monday, December 15, 2008

Hunter x 2

One of these things is not like the other...2 different drawings of the same thing. Can you spot the differences? Better than that, can you tell which one I drew first???

Enough of that little game. This is Hunter. A tribute to a High School friend's dog that is a gift to my friend's mom and sister. I hope the mom and sister like them as much as my friend did.
Nothing like emails with screaming Capitals to make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.
I'm really glad she liked both of them. Sometimes when I'm asked to do the same
drawing twice, I get distracted, and can't focus, and end up doing a horrible job on at least one of them. It's not my intent going into the project, but seriously, it's happened.
Anyway. Only one and 1/2 weeks left before I can do my gigantic "reveal" to show all of the "crap" that I've been working on for the holiday season that I couldn't show you before. Yes, my dad's COMPLETED present(s) will make an apperance as well, because THEY WILL be completed. Fair warning, I may stretch it out over several days...just for variety. You know how it is...

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