Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nothing New

I'm not feeling so well these days. I avoided my parents all weekend because they both have sinus infections and I didn't want to get sick. However, magically, one of Gonzo's friends who we were hanging out with on Friday night and on Sunday has a sinus infection...I do not have a sinus infection, but I was sick yesterday. So sick that sitting in front of the tv, wrapped in a blanket was painful. Laying in bed trying to rest was painful. Then getting to work this morning I saw a headline on msn.com about some intestinal "thing" that is in grocery store meat. This could definitely be what I have. My innerds hate me right now.
I also like to contribute any "sick" feelings that I have to my natural human need to want to hybernate when it gets cold outside. Seriously, I think I'm part of that human species that is required to hybernate from mid-November until mid-March. I mis-took that for "seasonal depression" while living in Wisconsin (self diagnosis here people, it saves on therapy visits).
Anyway, while I feel a gazillion times better than I did yesterday (kind of), I still feel ill (left over from yesterday and new "stuff"). I woke up with a sore throat. I swear to everything that is holy, if anyone gave me a sinus infection I will...deal with it with o.t.c. drugs and get on with my life...but if I see you again...you're getting the stink eye.


TaniaMC said...

Bah, sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. Me either! But don't give me the stink eye, I don't think sinus infections are contagious via blogger.

Bryan said...

Sorry to hear also. I did it though. I gave you that sinus infection! I have to go laugh manically now.

Also, hi! :D

-amber- said...

Man I sure hope that blogger doesn't transmit sinus infections...that would suck.
Bryan- update your blog already, you have a cute kid, surely she's done something blog worthy since the dancing post. BTW- Hi!
Taniamc- congrats on naming the dog! And sorry you don't feel well either!