Wednesday, November 05, 2008

"Callie" and "The Langs"

First things first, I drew 2 drawings yesterday!!! 2!!! That's a record. I guess starting both of them the day before helped out a little...but still! The majority of the work was done yesterday.

So here's the first one. While on my vacation to Wisconsin, I stayed with my friend Jessica (the one with the bad knee), and she has this cat named Callie. The last time I saw the cat she was a full grown adult cat. This time, we met 16lb. diabetic Callie. She's huge! But cute and fluffy and I wanted to sneak her away in my suit case and bring her home! But I don't do well with the insulin shots and all.

So anyway, as a thank you to Jess, I wanted to draw her adorable Callie- so this will be shipping off to her soon.

And then I had been bitten pretty hard by the drawing bug yesterday, so I went to work on drawing #2:

This is my friend Heather (who I also visited on vacation a few weeks ago- I posted her picture with the vacation pics), and her husband Eric. I was part of their wedding, and promised to draw their wedding picture- but didn't get to see the professional pics until this trip. So I figured it was time to get this one cranked out as well.
I'll be shipping this out as soon as I compile a cd of all the pictures and fun times that Gonzo and I took while with Heather.
Anyway. That's what I wanted to share for now. I'll be starting sock number 4.5 today, and maybe knitting a few squares. I started to roll my second skien of yarn to make sock #2 of the pair and it was I have a tiny ball of left over yarn that I'll probably knit out first. I hate when skiens are split! I paid for one whole one...not part of one with a tiny ball...geez!

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