Friday, November 21, 2008

An End of The Week Update...early in the AM

Have I done anything this week? Um, yes.

- Completed all of my mom's Christmas presents
- Began painting "sculptures"- will continue to do so this weekend
- Received all of the books I ordered from and began knitting giant squares for said Afgan that will be completed in time for the end of the world in 2012 (using patterns in one of the books...that's why mentioning the books was in there...).
- Bought my first pair of Converse (no mom, they don't make my feet look giant) :)
- Decided that I really really really want to be a tattoo artist.
- Cleaned my room (I'm starting to sound like I'm 10 years old.)
actually, the whole cleaning's bad. While I was home sick on Monday, I watched a marathon of some cleaning show on BBC America where the ladies wear frilly gloves to clean other people's dirty dirty homes. And well...the show freaked me out. Not that my place is anywhere as gross as the places they clean, but it made me realize I'm living in clutter, dusty, craptastic messiness and something has to be done. Hence, all week I've been cleaning after work.
- I've adapted to cold weather. Shock of all shockers. It's 36 degrees outside and I walked out of the house in a sweater and didn't immediatly go into shock. I think it's safe to say, that if I decide to move back to Wisconsin, I think I could handle the coldness. Even bigger of a shock, when they said it would be 36 degrees this morning I got all excited, and might have started doing a happy dance.

Anyway, when I have some pictures I'll post again, so if I'm not posting for 2 weeks I appologize. Have a great weekend everyone...and if I don't post before- Happy Turkey Day!!!

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