Monday, June 02, 2008

Untitled #2 and tattoo design

It's June. Does anyone else think this year is flying by at a rapid pace? No? Just me, huh? Hum...
Ok, well anyway- with that out of the way I can show you the drawing I finished over the weekend:
This is my former boss, yet still co-worker Susan's father and his wife. I didn't get a title for it, so it's "Untitled #2". This was a tad on the challenging side. She requested 11" x 14" paper, which most portraits that are requested are requested on either 8 1/2" x 11" paper or the 9" x 12". I don't even know if I have done a portrait on this scale **(ok...there was that 18" x 24" of Santana, way way way back in the day...). While it was a challenge getting the proportions correct and getting the shading to look "normal", it was fun to draw. Susan likes it and is sure her dad will love it, which is more than I can ask for.

On another note, I've been getting bombarded with requests to draw tattoo designs for people. I don't actually think anyone has gotten one of the designs I have drawn, but at least it gives them something to go off of. I don't want to post up any of those designs right now, but in the spirit of drawing them for other people, I got to the point that I've decided I need another tattoo- however I fear this one will be much larger than my first. And I want to put it on my shoulder cascading down my arm...which, as a receptionist in a "business casual" environment, may not be the best idea (long sleeves from now on perhaps?)
It's supposed to be a ball of yarn up there at the top, because I like to knit, the pencil is an obvious...hello, I draw! and the 4 flowers have 2 meanings, 1. my lucky number is 4 (also my birthday day date), and 2. to symbolize my 4 grandparents who have all passed away. The one on the left, away from the other 3 represents my grandfather on my mom's side- as he passed away when I was 8, and was my favorite person on the entire planet. The leaf from that flower is touching the bottom flower on the right to represent his wife, my grandma who passed away in 2006, and it's to show that they were always together even though they were apart. And the 2 at the top are my father's parents; they died relatively close in time and were always together. The little buds along the string of yarn represent my path in life, little milestones and what-not. The stars are just there because I like stars. But yeah. Who knows if I'll actually get this, but it's very representative of myself.
I need to stop watching Miami Ink I'm affraid...

** Added note: apparently I've gone off the deep end. My most requested drawing size is the 11" x 14", I usually consider a "portrait" to be one face or a couple posed to look like a "classic portrait"...where as most of my 11" x 14" have either been multiple images combined, or an animal or objects. I do appologize to anyone who read this and has requested an 11" x 14" drawing and saw the above and was like "What is this lady talking about? I have the 11" x 14" drawing hanging on my wall right now!" So my "re-phrase" for the day is: a classic portrait, which takes up most of the sheet of paper I'm drawing on, is considered a portrait, and therefore I usually draw those on 8 1/2" x 11" or 9" x 12" paper. But I did enjoy the challenge for the "classic portrait" on 11" x 14" paper.

Got that?

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