Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Welcome home Piggie!!!

THANK YOU DEANNA!!!! I love love love this piece of art done by Deanna Molinaro. She's absolutely one of the most creative people I have ever met in my entire life!

I've been admirering her sculptures for probably over a year...maybe longer (we worked together and I'm pretty sure I had seen her sculptures longer than a year ago). I asked her if she could make a pig for me- and this is quite possibly the most perfect pig sculpture I could have ever asked for! Seriously cute and adorable!
It's currently residing on my TV. I have to admit that the pink dots frightened me when I looked in the bag it came in. They were so bright I thought it was glow in the dark and I was like "um, ok, so when I see bright pink dots moving around in the middle of the night, I'm supposed to be scared of it then?"

So it's not glow in the dark, which makes me feel safe that I won't actually be aware of when it comes to life at night and starts playing the rest of the pig collection.
Granted this pig is the star of the pig collection now. It's almost too cool to even keep in a "pig collection"...I need to keep it away from the other pigs, maybe in my "art collection". I just can't get over how awesome it looks. The eyes are amazing, and I love the nose and tail. Deanna did such a great job! I'm thinking I might need one of her octopi next or perhaps a sea monster? I just love what she sculpts...one of everything please! LOL.
If you do go to her website, please make sure to check out her books, they are fantastic! I especially love Lonely Sea Monster and An Inconsolable Octopus. They are all great, those are just my two favs.

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