Friday, June 13, 2008

people are everywhere

For Starters, this is a drawing that I did to go along with the cat, with its head in the fish bowl, from yesterdays post. This is my co-workers daughter with boyfriend. No official title.

I'm learning to branch out and use more than one thickness in lead too, which is creating a lot more depth in my drawings. I'm kind of liking it!

A word of caution though- just because you see all of the squiggly lines and patterns and everything in someone's clothing, in a drawing that I've done, doesn't mean you should all rush to get me your photos with massive patterns and expect them to match accurately. At best I can make it a representation of what's in the photo. Patterns in fabric are really kind of a challenge and probably won't match very closely. Even stripes are hard to do. I wouldn't think they would be, but they are.

And here's the "mini" drawing of "Love Knows No Bounds". I posted the original that I did back in April/May a few posts ago. This is the one that I just did and shipped out earlier this week. Feel free to compare the two. I know there are some definite likenesses, and some definite differences.

No two drawings are every identical. Sadly.

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