Friday, February 27, 2009

An Update for the end of the week

It's Friday. So I guess I should update, huh?
No more Zeke pictures to draw, so that means I'm running low on photos, right? Kind of sort of.
I'll manage to keep myself busy, I'm sure. But if the mood strikes you and you feel like tossing an idea my way of something to draw, feel free to email me:

Today I've been working on a 12" x 12" Mandala drawing. I haven't worked on one of those since 2007...oddly enough I found a whole bunch that I did between 2006 and 2007 that I never posted- guess I'll be busy scanning tonight and this weekend, huh? This morning I found myself starring at 2 that I have framed that I did in '06- and something inside me just clicked and I ran around my place looking for my protractor, ruler, black paper and colored pencils so I could haul all of that to work with me today. The one I was working on, but have since finished is a 12" x 12" with 3 mini- Mandalas. I'll definitely scan it this weekend so you can see it. I'm not sure I'm 100% fond of the creation, but it's interesting.

I do have a few more drawings that I want to work on, for my own personal sake. Then there are a few requests that are coming in- once I have the photos to draw from, I'll be able to start on those. I've also got that 3" munny to work on for my friend (not due until April though). The 18" x 24" 'secret' drawing that I keep mentioning is going to take awhile, so I might not mention it again until it's done. But yeah...while I have stuff to work on, I'm also discovering the 6 drawings a month goal that I set for myself is very attainable- so I'm always looking for the next thing to draw.

Anyway. That's the update for this week. Thanks to everyone who reads! I really appreciate it!!!

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