Monday, February 23, 2009

Not another Zeke picture; and an update

That will be later this week :) (the Zeke picture that is...Update is below the picture details)

Title: "Untitled #4"

Date Began: 02/20/09

Date Completed: 02/23/09

Media: 2B and 4B pencil on White paper

Size: 8 1/2" x 11"

Description: A co-worker of mine last week, handed me a photo to draw for her husband. While the photo itself was kind of hard to see (grainy and pixelated due to it being an image printed on paper from a digital image-which was blown up from a 2" photo), I tried to work with it the best I could. It wasn't as bad as I had first anticipated (the final image here is attempt #3). I think the thing that was throwing me off the first two times was the man's eyes. I still didn't get them 100% right, and here they look kind of cartoonish- which believe me, I tried to fix. I really really tried to fix that. I'm not satisfied with his eyes, and maybe my co-worker won't be either when she finally sees it. In which case re-draw #4 will begin. And the more I look at it, I think his mouth is also throwing me off. GGGGRRRR. Maybe I should just spill some water on it and tell her I have to start over again anyway...
Good grief. I'm picky. (I just re-did the chin...before finishing my post...holy crap- I can't stop myself)
*Update*- She loved the picture...I am too picky.

So anyway, I have one more picture of Zeke to draw; my aunt contacted me to do a drawing for her husband's parents; my friend who just had a baby in November has some really cute pictures of her new addition that I'm dying to get my hands on so I can draw the handsome little devil; A previous client contacted me to do 2 drawings for her and her mom for Mother's Day; I'm still working on a giant 18" x 24" drawing- that has yet to be named, because I don't want to give anything away; I have a 3" munny that I'm still working on (since November- he's a gift for a friend, and since his birthday isn't until April 4th, I didn't think I needed to rush)...and I just made a purchase this weekend of a new maybe I'll start taking my own photos and drawing what I capture...there's a thought. If anyone has any tips or tricks for using a Nikon D40, please let me know. I bought mine used and it didn't come with an instruction I'm winging it based off of what I can find using google and typing in "Nikon D40 instructions/tutorials/tips". Also if anyone knows of a place where I can get a fairly inexpensive fisheye lens that would be compatible with a D40, let me know. (hope that's a better update than the one on Friday- I was not in the mood to type.)

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