Friday, February 13, 2009

"Green Thumb Zeke"

Title: "Green Thumb Zeke"

Date Began: 2/11/09

Date Completed: 2/11/09

Media: 2B and 4B pencils on white ink jet printer paper

Size: 8 1/2" x 11"

Description: The now famous Zeke watering his parents lawn I'm sure. Thanks to Drew for letting me draw his kid for the umpteenth time- I have one more to do and then my Zeke Series will be done (unless some more cute pictures surface and I can't hold back).

I'm rather excited for this weekend. Today is my dad's birthday, so we'll be going to dinner and he'll get his present, which means I'll be able to post it later. Tomorrow I get to chop all of my hair off, which I'm both excited and scared about (I'll miss my long hair, I always miss my long hair when it's not long). And also, tomorrow is Valentine's case you live under a rock.

(and I just now noticed that the monkey is missing something on his's supposed to say "I *heart* U"...however I've neglected the heart and the U-well on this image anyway- the original has been fixed.)

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Anonymous said...

So, nothing new this week, what have you been up to? Mom