Sunday, March 01, 2009


Title: "Triple Mandala"
Date Began: 02/27/09
Date Completed: 02/27/09
Media: Prismacolor colored Pencil on Strathmore Black Art Paper
Size: 12" x 12"
Description: My scanner isn't big enough to get all of the image- but I kind of like how it looks here. I get the bug to draw something every once in awhile, and this is what happened on Friday.

Upon finding my Black Art Paper pad, I found almost all of the Mandalas that I have done since 2006.
I found this next one in that stack.

Description: I call it the "muted mandala" because of the light tone of the colors. It's also 12" x 12" on the same paper...also with Prismacolor colored Pencils, but I don't remember the exact date I began it or completed it...I just know that it was sometime in 2007

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