Monday, January 18, 2010

the lost photos

If you could see what I'm holding in my hand at this very moment you would know what the scarf looks like...but alas, I'm slightly not with it and took a picture of the scarf, with my phone, and put it in my knitbuddy app...I thought it was on my camera roll, but it's I have no picture of the scarf to show you.
It's 2 shades of grey. I casted on 40 sts...then I knit every row. With the dark color I knited 30 rows, then switched to the lighter grey for 26 rows, then back to the dark grey for 30, etc. etc.

But I did manage to take a picture of the mittens with my phone and email it to myself since my phone doesn't like me to update blogger...
I knitted them a size Large in Mens. The pattern I found online, but it was from like 1950 something and photocopied and uploaded...and it was for using 2 needles instead of knitting in the round (I hate making mittens that have a seam)- so I worked from the 1950s pattern, but changed it up to fit my needs. If anyone is interested in that pattern (knitting in the round- mens large mittens) shoot me an email:, or leave a comment and I'll be happy to post the pattern for all to see.
I actually think I'm going to use this pattern to make mittens from now on...even for women with large hands, these were roomy mittens and super warm (wool...mmm...warmth). I know it looks like there is a giant ladder in the right mitten, but I assure you, it's just folded (it was in my backpack all day)...there is a ladder in the left one, and I think there was a very small one in the right one (palm side-not pictured)...I get so excited knitting with double pointed needles that I forget to check the tension when switching to the next's cool, they weren't that horrible, and the person they were for loved them.
Today I'm actually giving my hands a rest (and the knitting needles), so I've been working on coloring in my caterpillar in photoshop (which technically is only giving my left hand a rest).
On a side note, I really love wacom tablets (which I use for Photoshop and Sketchbook pro goodness), but a few weeks ago (pre surgery) I went to a camera store that was giving a demonstration on the Wacom Cintiq...I fell in love, and now it's really hard to want to draw with my wacom...when with the Cintiq you can draw directly on the screen, you can even tilt the screen, and rotate it, or set it in your lap like a sketchbook and just DRAW...OMG I'm in love with the Cintiq...maybe I'll win the lottery soon and buy myself one. I just couldn't get over how awesome it was...and it wasn't even so much the screen as it was the pressure sensitive pen. You control how dark your strokes are, it was amazing. I could see actually drawing a portrait in photoshop with that, instead of on paper- that's how amazing this thing was. One day I'll have one.
End of rant. Hope everyone who has today off is enjoying it; and those of us who have to work, I hope we are getting lots accomplished...

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