Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I'm so excited that heading is all in Caps! HAHAHAHA! ok, sorry.
So first off, let me just say that I completely dropped the ball and forgot to take pictures of these really cool little knitted ornaments that I made from patterns. They were cute and quick to knit up, but it was so tiny that I only made 7 total to give out, because my hands would hurt too much after knitting them to make any more.

I know I have posted pictures of some of this stuff prior to now, but wanted to share them again because I'm so excited!!! (not really, I'm putting off working on a scarf that I'm pretty sure is causing me arthritis in my hands right now)

My brother's girlfriend, Blair, wanted me to make her a pair of "Bella" mittens after she saw mine in October (mine are pictured to the left)...I made her's in black, and once again forgot to take pictures...but they look an awful lot like these.


I'm fairly sure that I've posted this picture before, but I could be wrong...this was while I was in the middle of making knitted poop for all of my relatives...It ended up I only made 4...2 went to my parents and the other two went to Gonzo's sister and brother-in-law. I really wish I would have taken pictures of these because I wrapped them in toilet paper and sealed them with smiling poop stickers that I got from were hilarious.

My awesome friend Tania, received this little guy. The Loch Ness Monster, because when I saw the pattern in a book I immediately thought of her (I don't know why exactly)- but she loved it, so that was a win. He was so easy to knit up that I'm thinking of making a second one for a different friend that would equally appreciate it.
Although my fingers would appreciate it if I never attempted it again (blisters from tight knitting!)


And now everyone can tilt their heads to the left (hehehe, sorry). I made bottle cap coasters for a bunch of people (some people still don't know they are receiving one yet) birthday present from a few people was a vase full of bottle caps- so I decided to give back. They were not all that easy to make, so I'm not sure that this will be a long lasting craft that I stick with (past the use of the bottle caps I currently have).

At the time of making these I was using a center punch (which killed my hand to use), wire, needle nosed pliers and foam to put on the bottom of the caps so they don't scratch anyones coffee tables. Cheap to make, but rough on the hands. I now have a Dremel tool, so it should be much easier. ____________________________________________________

Do not adjust your screens, this is extremely blurry, so let me describe it for you, huh?

I kept seeing these bottlecap magnets at craft shows, and found a "tutorial" online (I use the word tutorial loosely- it basically told what kind of glue to use and that was about it). I found the never-been-used bottle caps on then I cut up an old 2000 map/atlas with different places that I thought people would like (this one says "Austin" it's for Gonzo); and I used those 1/2 glass marbles that you find in the floral section of hobby stores- the clear ones that some people put in the bottom of vases- it give it this cool magnified look. And round magnets that are rated "6" in strength (they are STRONG!)

Some people received places on maps, other's received things pertaining to their personal businesses...other's just received used bottle caps with a magnet glued to the know, whatever.

And lastly. I still haven't met up with my friend to give her the present yet, but I figure she doesn't check out my blog too often so I'll post it anyway (if you read this May, you are spoiling your surprise)
I learned how to make Kanzashi flowers.
Last spring we had gone to a Dallas Etsy show and there was a girl selling Kanzashi flowers for your hair- I had never seen them before. May stopped and almost bought one but opted to buy something else at another booth and we never went back. I was dumb enough to not grab a business card- and then when I went to look up "folder fabric flowers" on Etsy I was bombarded with search results....all of them beautiful, but also extremely expensive...I was never able to find that particular person who was selling them at the show- so I opted to figure out how to make them myself. They were tricky and these are the only ones that I have done so far. Those aren't even finished in this picture. The dark blue and pink ones are finished now, complete with hair clips...but yeah.

I think I learned my lesson for next Christmas- attempting to make presents for everyone is a full time job- and I just don't have the time. I like making things for people all year long, not having to tell people "sorry I'm making something for Christmas I can't work on that right now" when it's July. So next year...probably not so much hand made stuff. Sorry!

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