Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Rhonda and Kason"

I did draw today! I must be feeling slightly better then, huh?

This is Rhonda and her new son Kason. I got to see them in person when I went to WI in October. Rhonda has/had no idea I was drawing this for her. I've drawn countless other portraits for her of her with her first born, Natalie. Of her husband Jon with Natalie, and several of Natalie and one of Natalie and her other son Gavin.
I saw this photo on her facebook page and had to draw it. It's such a sweet picture.
I just posted it to my fan page on facebook and tagged her and Jon in it, so it should only be a day or so before I hear back as to whether or not she likes it. Hopefully she does.

This actually isn't the only picture I drew today, but I can't reveal the other one until after you'll just have to wait. :) Happy Pre-Friday!


gonzoss said...

The drawing looks great!!!!

-amber- said...