Tuesday, November 03, 2009

ah November....

...as most November's go, you will probably start seeing a lot less posting from me, as I won't be able to show you very much of what I'm working on...being that it's all probably gifts and what nots, that can't be seen until they are opened- and I usually tend to forget to post pictures after a month of waiting- so the likelyhood that you'll see anything on here that I actually worked on for the holiday season is slim to none- but I'll work on that...make a list of stuff to post after December 25th.
Then it'll be like Christmas on the blog! Well for me it won't be, but for my loyal readers (all 2 of you- well one if you count my followers- I know there's more silently hiding, it's cool) it will be. :)
I am working on stuff, don't you worry. Between drawings that have been requested and other crafty things I'm working on to give to family and friends for Christmas I'll be busy.

Oh yeah, the November 1st deadline for requesting drawings has passed!!! OH NO!!!! Don't worry, if you requested something by that deadline- have no fears- it will totally be done and shipped by 12/24/09. If you didn't get your request in by the deadline, feel free to send me an email: ASBTSF@gmail.com and we can discuss how you can still go about obtaining a drawing by 12/24/09...just don't wait until 12/24 or 12/23 or even any day after 12/01 for that matter. (If you are requesting a drawing that has nothing to do with Christmas or a winter holiday- please disregard and send in your requests like normal.

That's all for now :)

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