Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I have had comments!!!! AHHHHH!!!!

This morning while checking my email I noticed for the 5th time this week (it's only Wednesday) that I've had an email notification telling me that someone posted a comment on this blog. Unfortunately they haven't been the kind of comments I want to see- spam. Or advertisments. That crap drives me insane.

But while searching thru my blog posts I noticed that I have had comments in the past on several of my posts that are from people I don't know, and it's not spam!!! How exciting! (truly that is exciting for me, I thought only friends and family read this thing- it's awesome to know that other people have written to me about something I posted) I would like to say that for the longest time I wasn't receiving notifications when people would comment, so after I would post a new blog I would never go back and look to see if people were commenting or not...then I fixed that and started receiving notifications...

So for everyone who has posted something and I never replied or said anything back or even commented on it- I'm so so sorry!!!! I appreciate you all taking the time to read the mindless drivel that I type on here. Although according to Lali when she commented on August 6th, 2008, she said "You write very well." which made me smile. Thank you!!!! And I'm so sorry for the late reply!
knitnthings actually replied to several of my posts on knitting and I feel like a complete moron for never checking those comments because I really thought no one cared about my knitting. On October 27, 2008 you replied to a post about the ugliest sock and told me not to be so hard on it. You were absolutely right. After I finished the second one they became one of my favorite pair of socks to wear...I still wear them to this day! Thanks for the vote of confidence in my knitting. Also you posted about giving the mittens that I was trying to give away at one point a good home. If I can remember which pair of mittens those were (I'm sure that I still have them in a ziplock baggie somewhere)- you are more than welcome to them. Leave me another comment if you still want them- I'll figure out where they are and we'll work things out on how to get them to you.
Also Beste wrote several times(no link to a website), one of which I saw, the other one hidden away in November 26, 2008 I did not see until this morning. You asked what medium I would be using on the Octopus sculpture I was going to do...HA! Yes. The Octopus sculpture that I never got around to making. Epic fail! But thanks for reminding me!!! Perhaps that will be on the list of things to get to in 2010. But to answer your question- I'll be using (probably), Sculpey clay- probably a neutral color (or the kind that comes in the green box), and after I'm done baking it, I'll paint it with acrylics. We'll see. I'm actually going to be knitting an octopus sometime soon (it'll get done before the clay one will)
If anyone else posted comments that I didn't reply to here (other than Titan, Taniamc, or Bryan, or my parents), please let me know and I'll answer your questions or reply to your awesome words that you left in a comment somewhere on this blog (Titan, Taniamc, Bryan and my parents- you all are welcome to post comments too, I'll reply to everyone I promise!)...unless of course you're one of the jerks that keep spamming my comments, or leaving crap about ulcers and nothing to do with this blog. For those of you that do that, well in my humble opinion- you all can just drop off the face of the earth for all I'm concerned (at least drop out of the internet- you don't have anything of interest to say here).
I promise to check my comments more! I'm so sorry!!! But thank you everyone who is looking and reading and commenting (even the ones reading and not commenting, I appreciate that you stop by!)

P.S. The thumb is better (still bruised), so I'll be getting some stuff up here asap!

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