Monday, November 09, 2009

The hazards of moving a freezer

Dear people who are expecting drawings or knitted goods,

How have you been?

On Saturday I was helping Gonzo move a freezer into the house, and in the 10 short feet it took to unload it from the vehicle and attempt to get it in the house, I managed to smash my right hand into the corner of the door, thus shoving the freezer into the other side of my hand...right at the thumb.
In case you weren't aware- my right hand is my drawing hand...and without a thumb it's very difficult to knit.
My thumb is bruised, but I can move it slightly- not enough to hold a pencil though. I'm pretty sure it's not broken. But who knows what I really did. It hurts today.
While I have been unable to get your drawing done, I am now saddened to say that it may be awhile before you get a drawing, or a pair of knitted mittens, as the thumb hurts.
I will update you the minute the bruising has gone and the pain subsides. Hopefully by the end of the week.
Thank you for your patience.

the thumb cripple

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