Thursday, September 24, 2009

Did I die?

No, I assure you, I haven't died. I'm in the middle of knitting a sweater, so that's what I've been working on- ALL week. I just now got the back finished, and began to knit the front. I should have that done by this weekend and I'll be able to start the sleeves.
But anyway. On a drawing note. I've been getting inspired lately to do more creativeness. I really would like to, one day, work in a creative environment- with other creative people and do artsy-fartsy things that make me happy. Yeah. I totally want to do that for a living :) Who wouldn't? But that means I have to start doing more creative things- like "fictional art"- as I like to call it (stuff from my brain, as opposed to things from photos).
Anyway, my friend Maynor keeps sending me awesome links to get me and her other creative friends inspired and hopefully create something amazing. So yeah. That being said, this sweater is eating into my time of drawing and being creative- but I swore to myself I would finish this and not just "set it aside" (because we all know what happens when I set something'll be 2 years from now when I find it and go "hum, maybe I should finish this"). It was Tuesday when I got the email, and I desperately want to open Photoshop and make something pretty (stupid sweater...) (actually it's a really pretty sweater, so far, even if I do say so's the "first real" sweater I've I am excited about that)
Anyway. Long, none picture post to tell you nothing...absolutely nothing- other than to give you an excuse for why I haven't posted sooner.
This weekend is crafting crazy weekend at my house. The boyfriend is taking a class in metal fabrication, so I get the place to myself...time to block that rediculously long scarf and take pictures :) So yes, next :) Until then, have a great weekend (I know it's Thursday)

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