Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blue Scarf

please tell me your impressed with my awesome blurred photo taking capabilities!!! (sorry)

Anyway, this was me 1/2 way done with blocking the blue enterlac scarf (I probably totally spelled that wrong, but I have no reference right now) on Saturday.

There are no other photos of the scarf. Why you ask? Well it's a funny story. This was actually my first "real" time to "block" anything that I have knitted (unless you count me screwing around with the steamer when I first got it- and blocking swatches- which I don't count). See, this scarf, when I knitted it was all sorts of warm and cozy and soft and you just wanted an entire blanket just like it (well I did anyway). I thought that if I blocked it, some of the rows where I was stressed out at work and knitting, would gently relax and look like the rest of it. When I was done blocking...well let's just say that it's overly scratchy and not comfortable to look at. It actually reminds me of furniture really rich people buy just to say that they have it in their living room- but no one in their right mind would sit on it because they would need to go to the chiropractor immediately. But yeah. Blue scarf, sucks really bad right now. I've wadded it into a ball and it's sitting on my couch- I'm hoping upon hope that as long as it's not flat, in any capacity, that it will go back to its awesome softness pre-blocking stage :)

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