Friday, August 07, 2009


I have no pictures. And I'm full of epic fail this week. No drawings, no finished knitted items. Oh no. Because I decided that I would start this. Crazy aunt purl posted it and showed off her gorgeous scarf...I however am not having so much luck.
I've ripped it apart 6 times now. I'm just now starting over AGAIN. I found this really nifty tutorial on how to do a smaller version. But alas, I'm apparently suffering some sort of mental problem- because I CAN'T GET IT TO WORK!!!
But, I'm not giving up. Hopefully by Monday I will have at least 2 tiers of this scarf finished and figured out. If I can get those 2 tiers figured out, then the rest of the scarf will be cake.

Also, I will be drawing again starting next week. I've got a few projects on the back burner that I need to start yeah...drawings, next week :)

Have a great weekend!!!

Update: I just finished tier 2 of the stupid Entrelac Scarf. It looks dandy. It's not even Saturday yet and I've already exceeded my expectation.
Oh, if you're wondering why I'm a fool and couldn't make it work the other 6 times...I have reading problems, and I kept reading over steps, or skipping ahead...sad I know. But I've made the first 2 tiers work and now it's time for a break :)

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