Monday, August 31, 2009

And there goes August

I can't believe it's the last day of August already! I just checked my handy dandy moleskin weekly calendar where I write comments on the last week of the month- regarding how many drawings I completed...3. That's how many I completed this month. I'm at a loss for words. That is all my fault actually. With the knitting fever that I've some how caught from someone, and the reading books (what adult reads books? Psht!)...I've gone from doing 6 drawings a month to 3. Oh well. That's in the past. Seeing as it's the last day of August (and I knew this day was coming), this weekend I went thru all of the pictures that I've ear-marked over the last few years as "something to draw later"- and piled them together. Trust me, I won't get thru all 80 of them in September, but hopefully I'll knock out a good chunk.

BUT I'm totally ok with putting them on the back burner again if people would like some drawings done of their own. :) (here comes the shameless plug). The holiday season is coming. People do like art as gifts. Especially drawings of loved ones, cherished pets, a favorite car or plane or boat or house. Heck, even drawings of favorite relatives are a hit. You know the website, but here it is again: and if you already know the drill, but were just waiting around until you found the perfect picture and you've found it- you can email me: to get your order in today. If none of that works for you- I'll leave you with this gem: Handmade gifts speak from your heart, about how thoughtful you are that you went to so much trouble to have a favorite photo turned into a one of a kind hand drawn portrait. You'll be the hit of the holiday season!!!

A salesman I am not. But I know some people do like drawings as gifts. I said I can go about my day. Drawing. Like I should be.

You guys are great, hope you have a great last day of August.

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