Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Take it From a Texan"

Some of you may or may not know that while I was in high school I liked to draw a comic strip to humor my family. I called it "Take it From a Texan". At the time I was desperate to be a Texan and not live in Wisconsin. There was something magical, to me, about Texas. I've since learned that it's like any other state...except for the large bugs and insane humidity. so today, while looking for some inspiration I remembered a thought I had from last night:
In case you can't tell that's a giant spider with a cow-boy hat riding ontop of a car, while a girl inside is singing along with the radio. (Yes that's a classic VW Bug- No I don't have one...anymore.)
There is a caption for it that reads "NOTE TO SELF- Having a fear of spiders and living in a state thats slogan is "Everything's bigger in Texas" may not have been the wisest decision..."
And see, this comic strip, if you will, appears in my sketchbooks only, because, one understands it except for me and my family.
But I decided to decode this one to share with ya'll (see, it's kicking in).
Yesterday on my way to lunch from work, I almost had a heart attack trying to get in my car. There was a spider on the side of my car by the drivers side door, making it very difficult for me to open the door to leave. "why didn't you squish it?" you ask? Well this is what it looked like:
That's the actual picture of it that I took trying to not go crazy and run across the parking lot speaking in tongues to get someone to kill it. (seriously scared of the smallest spider)
I'm pretty sure a bright yellow spider with red stripes means it was created somewhere in the 9th gate of hell, and therefore should not be toyed with. By the time I got to my destination for lunch, the thing was gone. But all day I couldn't stop thinking about it. On my way home from the grocery store I was thinking to myself that it would be really retarded if I got out of the car at home and there was the mutated son-of-a-gun holding as tight as possible to the roof of my car eating a bug. And by mutated I, of course, mean that the sun and humidity level caused the thing to grow 1,000% bigger than he was at lunch time.
But yeah, no spider on the roof, and I haven't seen the devil spawn since yesterday at lunch...and well, now in my sketchbook.
Is it itchy in here to anyone else???

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