Thursday, May 15, 2008

Someone asked for it.

I have a love for monkeys. I admit it. It's actually a love so great that I will stop everything else I am doing to sit down and watch any one of the "Planet of the Apes" movies when it comes on tv. It's sick really.
If I go to the zoo, either the first or the last stop has to be where the monkeys are. In Wisconsin I would just go to the Monkey house that they have, and sit where the Orangutans were and watch them for hours on end.
Or I would go to the section that had the chimpanzees and hang out until I could get a good photo to draw later (which I do have one in my sketchbook from high school)
Even at the Ft. Worth zoo I find that I'll go to where the gorilla's are and just watch them- not draw, just watch. One time I was attempting to draw the silverback gorilla they have, and a hurd of wild kids showed up to pound on the glass I was looking at. The old gorilla had been fine with me sketching away, but decided he wanted to pound on the glass too, to scare the kids off. He did it so loud and so quickly, and with such anger that I decided it was best if I leave him alone too.
I even felt a little weird about the Dallas zoo, when they had to shoot an escaped Gorilla that had bit some people. Mainly because I was supposed to have gone to the zoo that day to sketch for awhile, but opted not to.
It was probably just tired of the little kids throwing things at it, or pounding on the glass. Seriously, they need to have a class on proper zoo etiquette before they have any school sponsored field trips to the zoo.

Anyway, I ramble too much. I love monkeys. Any kind. They fascinate me to no end, and are always fun to watch. I haven't been to any zoo in a long time, and I miss it. So I thought up this little hob-gobblin on my own today. I do realize that the foot resting on the branch should have the thumb wrapped around it to make it look better, compositionally. But what can you do...except appreciate those "damn dirty apes" :P


TaniaMC said...

Yay! I love it!
I want a bigger version so I can see the detail in the monkey and the giraffe. :D I am just NEVER satisfied, am i?

Amber said...

Hey, it's all good, I'll make you something nice and special...stay tuned.