Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Naked Post

HA! Had to start you off slow here. . .

All of these drawings were done while I was attending The Art Institute of Dallas.
This first one, of the sleeping guy- yeah, he was fully naked, but lets just say after he plopped down in a chair facing me, spread eagle, I changed the position of my drawing tablet and proceeded to just draw his face.
I think I probably turned 8 shades of embarrassed when he sat down.

Drawing class was always interesting, and actually really fun. I learned alot from those classes.

This guy was naked for all of our drawing classes. I have sketches of him- more naked, but none that were that great looking- so I'm posting this instead.

The class for this one, was done outside of the building, so the guy wasn't naked, he was fully clothed, and it was cold and windy outside...hence his jacket, and wind-blown hair. He was a great model. Very personable, and never made the artists feel weird.

I think he still models at AID, I'm not sure though. I used to see him when I worked at The Angelika movie theater, and that was always a little awkward.

This is one of 2 female models that were in the classes. She's the only one I have any really good drawings of.

The teacher for this class had a Scottish accent and was full of himself. He was rather irritating, but it turned out I've worked with a lot of people like him, which is really sad, because their always the people at the top of the companies.

And here she is again. She complained about this drawing when she took a break from sitting.

In my defense- models move...they don't stay in one place, so sometimes it's really hard to get the proportions of everything correct.

This girl was extremely pretty, and one of the guys in my class, I remember, had the hugest crush on her, and he refused to draw her body- out of respect to her, so he would sit there for 3 hours and just draw her face. The same day she told me she didn't like this drawing, she also told that guy that she didn't look anything like his drawing, and she was offended that he wasn't drawing her correctly. He was so upset, I think he actually ended up dropping that class.

I honestly don't remember drawing this one. I think it might have been the first one I did. I just remember the guys in that first drawing class being all giggly and retarded about it. "Oh my god, a naked chick!"...and then when the next class was a naked guy they would all flip out and couldn't figure out what part of the model they could draw without feeling weird.

I actually kind of miss the Life Drawing classes. It was always entertaining, and I learned a crap ton about proportion, and a lot about the human anatomy. It's fun to learn how muscles work.

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