Monday, March 03, 2008

The Biggest Update ever... big it requires multiple posts (#3)

The Old Stuff:

This is a copy of an acrylic painting of a baby duck in a tree that I did my Senior year of High School. The original sold, so all I have left to take pictures of is the copy.

And to the right is a watercolor, of a baby duck that was in a High School art show- also my senior year. (I went threw a bird phase) I might actually put this one up for sale shortly, but haven't decided.

To the left is a drawing/painting that I'm quite proud of. I have a friend whose parents kept chickens in a coupe behind their house. I took a picture in black and white and then decided it would look pretty sweet drawn out. Thus we have what is to the left. I drew the chickens with a 2B Pencil, and red colored pencil. The barn and all of the background is done with watercolor. However, the fence in the foreground is actually the white of the paper. I used a Frisket/masking solution before I started drawing or painting. The Frisket actually seals off the paper from preventing any color from sticking to those spots, and then once you are done, you rub it looks like boogers when you're done rubbing it off.

And here is a fantastic portrait of myself done from a black and white drawing taken while I was in my drawing class my Junior year of High School. I actually loved this drawing when I completed it...however I've since done several drawings that look way better (no matter how retarded I may look in the drawing)


That's me, breathing fire, with goofy glasses on my head, where there's a stick figure standing and an airplane attempting to crack the glasses. I think I was a Junior or Senior when I did that....not really sure.

Oh man, and this is me, drawn from a tiny tiny mirror- during my first semester at The Art Institute of Dallas...back in my eye brow piercing phase. This was actually done on like 18" x 24" paper, it's freakin' huge.

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