Monday, March 03, 2008

The Biggest Update ever... big it requires multiple posts (#1)

Remember this gem? Way back last spring/summer I posted this, saying that I was going to color it. Well I did, and never posted up the finished product.

So I thought it was about time to post it- there's actually 2 versions. so here they go:

This first one to the Right is the "dark" version. I kind of like it more than the other version because the dark background makes the other colors Pop.

Here is the "Light" version. While this was the original way I started to paint it, I just couldn't get past the light background color, plus, a true mermaid would obviously live further under the sea than light can get to, so it only made sense to throw that mer-girl in the darkness.

1 comment:

TaniaMC said...

Yep, I vote for the darker version as well. It really does make the colors pop. But for some reason, I noticed more detail on the lighter one... which doesn't really make sense to me, lol.

Well done!