Thursday, March 13, 2008

Drawing group anyone???

So, between phone calls, entering in invoices and what not- I surf the web...while at work. Lately I've been wanting to join at "group"- you know, for social interaction, and to make a few new good friends. I thought about joining a knitting group, but then realized most of the women that attend those meetings (minus the badass, but never could quite get it together, group at DNA during lunch hours), will all some how resemble my mom- or have 10 kids, and want to share pictures. No offense people with kids, or older females...I really want to learn how to knit with people my own age. (I know I can learn a lot from older people- but it's something of a "bonding" thing that I'm craving- a need for new age!- or at least a few years younger and up to 10 years older...I don't have a whole lot in common with 50 year olds...other than knitting.)

And then I thought- "Hey, I should join a drawing group" I looked on google, and most of the groups that were listed have all since been disbanded, or don't meet anymore. FANTASTIC! Then I looked up "sketch artist DFW area" (because I've also been toying with the idea of looking into becoming a sketch artist for a police department...because, well...some of those sketched portraits that have been shown on the news lately are appalling, and are beginning to look more and more like aliens from outer space), and up pops this group, that I know people from. Holy crap! I went to college with at least 2 of these people! So I'm thinking "sweet!" But then I read the blurb at the top and I'm like "damn it!", it says industry people and students, which currently I am neither. It's great to see that I'm such a dissappointment to my college degree!!!

So basically, I feel like an idiot trying to join up with a group that's industry people and students. It's not even the fact that I'm not in the industry doing "something" with my degree. I just feel like I'd be stepping on toes and they'd be all like "hey, your that girl from huh?" I don't know, the whole awkwardness of it all just makes my skin crawl. But it's people I know, so it should be comfortable, right?

It's just a difficult decision. I want some new friends. Friends who share the same interests that I do. I think I have one good friend who has almost everything in common with me, and then a whole bunch of my boyfriends friends...who are cool, don't get me wrong- but they're his friends, so no need to go stepping on those toes. Maybe I should start my own group...

I have no idea where we could meet. But I provide some great company, and I'm totally cool if you need to cancel (because let's face it, I've been cancelling on some of my friends for the last 6 months...because I'm a loner). In fact, I need to cancel this weeks meeting, because...well..just because.

No seriously, If anyone is out there, anywhere, who wants to join a drawing group, let me know- even if it has to be a blog posting (like a weekly art posting), then fine- it's something. It's interaction, and motivation. Crafters are welcome to share their knowledge...and you know what, it doesn't matter what age, if you're able to create something...BRING IT ON! Comment, or send me an email:

Thanks for reading.

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