Monday, March 03, 2008

The Biggest Update ever... big it requires multiple posts (#4)

Here is a drawing I did for my boyfriends' friends. He went to High School with the girl in the picture, and introduced her to her husband.

But I completed this sometime early in January. I was attempting to get it finished for Christmas, but technically I wasn't commissioned by the people in the picture or any relatives to do the drawing, my boyfriend actually wanted me to do it for them as a present (an "anytime" present). Besides, my last week leading up to Christmas was taken up by doing the following drawing:

This was a late Christmas request, but I still managed to get it done within a week- delivered to the people a day or 2 after Christmas. This is "Bailey The Boxer", it was done on 11" x 14" paper I believe. The reason it's a rosey/off white color is due to the fact that I had to take a photo of it with my digital camera, because I have a small scanner.
I still have issues with the face and eyes, but the people loved the drawing.

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TaniaMC said...

I think these both look great. I really like the eyes on the boxer.