Friday, March 30, 2007


This drawing was done from a Polaroid photograph taken back in the 1970s it looked like. Not the greatest quality, but apparently I could work with it. I was hesitant to do it, because it was a small picture, fuzzy quality, kind of faded.
The guy who commissioned me to do the drawing hasn't actually seen the drawing yet, I work with him so hopefully when I get back from lunch today I'll see him and can give it to him and get some feed back.
The picture is actually of his mom. I couldn't figure out what to title it, so I'm going to leave it "Untitled" as the title.

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Titan said...

looks nice, and a very original title as well. I put a link up to my CGTalk porfolio so you can check out the wires and texture sheets and what not. Sorry, ill try to tone down the purples and what not in the next piece i do :P. No they havent announced the winners yet. Not expecting to win, but it would be cool if i did..