Monday, March 05, 2007

Re-do on NattieBug

Ok, here's a not-so-cross-eyed version of my friends' very adorable daughter...and yes I use Mozilla Firefox for anyone who gives a rats-pattootie. :) And no I don't care what you use or anyone else uses...and no I don't want to buy anything...I don't care who your long distance provider is, or what kind of cell phone you have.
I do care what kind of art work you like, or if you think something doesn't look right on something I've done...feed back on my drawings are welcome.
Thanks for stopping by :)


Titan said...

looks good, i really like the way her eyes dont cross anymore, you pulled that off very well:P... oh yea, wooo. Sorry, but seriously though, would you like to extend the size of your penis by 2 to 3 inches, if so call.....ahhhh, feels good to be back. Whats up Amber, how ya been?

-amber- said...

LOL!!! It's so good to get a post from you! And you, not some spammer. Ahhhhh. Good ol Titan, not some crazy. But I would like to extend the size of my penis, could you elaborate on that ad for me, I'd like to take up some more of my precious blog space with that ad please :P
Thanks for the comment, I should be posting up another picture later this week...same cute little girl, different pose, feel free to make snide comments when it goes up. :D